HubSpot Service Hub

Customers today expect instant and personalized responses and HubSpot makes it happen. HubSpot is an all-in-one platform, everything is available in one place from tools that manage and fetch customer service data to channels that can help use the data the right way.

Get your HubSpot solution developed by Dotsquares and we will make sure that you connect well with your customers and manage your relations with them thus achieving success in your business.

Features of HubSpot Service Hub that Dotsquares will make best use of:

Customer Feedback

Business can grow only if it knows where it lacks and the best way to about your shortcomings is by taking feedback from your customers. Dotsquares experts will ensure that they use HubSpot such that you get timely feedbacks.

Live chat

There’s nothing like helping your customers in real time. Team at Dotsquares will integrate features of HubSpot that will route users to your service team where they will get the help they require.

Help desk and ticket automation

With the right HubSpot solutions, Dotsquares will facilitate the creation of help desk which will prioritize issues as per their criticality.

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