HubSpot Marketing Hub

The team at Dotsquares understands how tough modern marketers job is and therefore we offer our clients with solutions like HubSpot Marketing Hub. Marketing Hub, a tool that aids marketing efforts, it becomes easier to save time and scale efforts with workflows.

From account based marketing, lead tracking management to email marketing, we will integrate all this and much more for our clients.

Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub that Dotsquares will make best use of:


Dotsquares team of experts can help you plan your content strategy and optimize your content such that it will help you stand out from your competitors.


Using HubSpot marketing hub, we will make it easier for you to attract your customers by offering the content they are looking


What better way to interact with customers and attract them than a video. We can help host and manage files right inside HubSpot. Not just this, but get the video embedded in your social media, web pages and blog posts.

Ad Tracking and Management

Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google ads, we can help manage all this inside HubSpot while also making it easier to track ads that convert customers.

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