HubSpot CRM Hub

We can help improve your team’s productivity by integrating the best features in HubSpot CRM. You can have access to pipeline management while also being able to keep a watch over sales activity, productivity and individual performance.

Equip your team with HubSpot CRM and enrich your contact records so that they connect with prospect clients via meeting scheduling, live chat, email template and be able to close more deals.

Features of HubSpot CRM Hub that Dotsquares will make best use of:

Meeting scheduler

Wasting time on unnecessary emails can be saved by accessing HubSpot’s meeting scheduler. Our team can integrate scheduler in a way that meeting links can be send to prospects who can schedule time as per their convenience.

Prospect tracking

Know the activities of your prospect on your platform in real time and bring into action the marketing steps accordingly.

Live chat

Target your prospects by chating with them in real time and help solve their queries

Email tracking and notification

You will be notified the moment your prospect will open an email which will help your team target the prospect in the real time.

Sales automation

Using HubSpot CRM, Dotsquares can help reduce the manual work by using workflows to automate tasks like rotate leads, create deals and tasks.

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