HubSpot CMS

What better way to empower your website than with a CMS that’s backed by HubSpot’s world class CRM and plethora of other tools that can help run your business better. At Dotsquares, our experts make use of the best custom templates, themes and modules available in the CMS developers documentation and come up with the right solution for you.

The best part is that while we will create a good website using themes and content structures, your team of marketers will be able to edit and create pages according to their need and thus presenting the customers with personalized and secure experience.

Features of HubSpot CMS Hub that Dotsquares will make best use of:

SEO recommendations

Everyone wants their website to rank well and grab the eyeballs of target audience, HubSpot CMS Hub comes with SEO recommendation home screen using which our developers can improve your website and take requisite actions.

Drag and drop editor

While we will create pages for you using HubSpot CMS Hub, you can also update them without our help or any prior coding knowledge.

Multi-language content creation

With HubSpot CMS Hub, you can make your content appealing for people across the world as it allows to manage multiple language domains and optimize each one for SEO.

Website themes

Choose a theme of your choice, let our experts know and we will customize the website as per your need while making sure that everything is in synchronization, be it the design, logo or navigations.

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